Got Testimonial?

08 March 2017 / By Jim McCourtie

As part of making this site I wanted to have a testimonial section from some of the people I have been fortunate to work with.  I sent out 20 requests with the subject line “Hello, Got Testimonial? and no one said no.

When you are shopping for a job it’s easy to become discouraged, having all these people agree to send me a line or two about our time together is a welcome positive reminder of why I enjoy coaching talent, it seems I may be good at it.

I have not included the Sales, Creative, Production and Promo People, Voice Actors, Consultants and GM’s I am fortunate to be able to ask a favour from.  It’s nice to know I have them on the list when needed and I’m confident they would respond to my request in agreement .

I am lucky that people remember our time fodly and are willing to put their name in front for me.

Thanks Folks!

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